Whats Happening

29. okt, 2018

           It has been a little while since i posted here. But a lot has been happening. Some things are very personal and i cant say. I had to remove most of my contacts on Facebook because one of my posts there offended some. It was an article about celebrating Pride in kinderganrtens that i was against. It has affected my personal life and my work life. But with the grace of God i am still here :) . I hope everyone is well and if you have tips of things  and subjects you want to see in this website just fire away, and i will do my best to make it happen.  I am still studying hard in university , now in my second year :) . 

14. jun, 2017

I have been very busy lately. Have been to meetings with Surpresa Sithole and his wife. He is an african minister who travels around the world preaching. He has seen many people raised from the dead. I am very excited about what God is doing in Norway and i am believing to see a great revival here ! My family and I also became members of a church that believes in the Word and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Ive also taken TOEFL exame as they requested me to do that in order to study in college. I will be getting an answer next month  wether im getting accepted or not. May the will of God be done.

Please keep me and this country in your prayers. I ve noticed that every evangelist that comes from abroad feels very much spiritual darkness that evolves this land. I dont know why, but we must pray and believe that it is being broken by the power of God and the blood of Jesus.

Im also praying and for that the devil is furious since ive began. Praying for a revival of the fear of God. The Bible says that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom and many are needing to get wise here. God is Love Holy and Just.

28. aug, 2016

Ive been trying to put a link to a persecution website, but unsuccessfully :( . I will just keep trying well as well as some videos too. I think its important to share the plight of our brothers and sisters arround the world, and to help them for those who can. :)

11. jul, 2016

Ive been trying new horizons lately . Ive been practicing for a new job and ive decided im going to study in this area. I know that if this is Gods will He will open doors for me. If its not that will never be open. But im hopeful :) Its called barnehagelærerutdaning here . I dont know the exact name in english , but maybe preescholar teacher?  I will be back in a while with exciting news  ! or not :) I also need to spend some more time in His presence. I know when i havent spent enough time with Him .

5. jun, 2016

Well. I have barely time to write but here i am. I have began arbeidspraksis and i am just loving it!  :D I know my life is in Gods hands and Pappa wants the best for me. I have added some new videos teachings and a new dream that the Lord gave me. Hope you enjoy and pls leave a feedback . God bless you all :)