I have been around the world and visited many places. Now i have parked in a beaultiful country called Norway. Although in no way this is the end of the journey i would like to think that this will be the place i will live until i am promoted to heaven. I come from Brasil and because of my parents job situation i moved around quite a lot. There was no time to establish long friendships. I became used to moving even though sometimes it was a little painful. We visited places like Maraba in the state of Para in the Amazon Forest. I remember the indian legends, and the tall trees and the smell of mohogany. It was fun. There was no internet, nor many TV channels, and my sister and I at the age of 8 and 6 stayed out almost the whole day after finnishing lessons. Being introduced to a computer at the age of 15 i wasnt aquainted with the internet before the age of 20.


I have seen and been part of many supernatural things. I have seen the hand of God movind and i cant deny that the supernatural is real. I believe in the power of the name of Jesus. 

People that experience the supernatural are often misunderstood or labeled crazy. Even the ones specially here in Europe who suffer demonic attacks, hear voices etc  cannot ask for help because they are afraid how people will judge them. So they turn to psychologists and psychiatrists. I am not saying these are bad, but not everything can be treated with them. Sometimes the roots go deeper than the eye can see. And there is only One who can help.


I hope people will feel free to share their stories, and if they are searching for some answers i hope to provide them with that with the help of God. :)